Our Story

Two College Students.
Unconventional Sourcing.
Distinctive Pricing & Design.

AMLK Home Collection
is an independent Home Decor Studio based in Dallas, Texas, started in 2018.

Two UT Dallas students, an IT major and a Microbiology major; we were both big fans of interior design and wanted to get unique home decor for our apartments. Nothing that you would find on the corner of a home department store. So we started looking for unique pieces, contacting local artists and designers one by one. 

We drove around Dallas and bought unique pieces until our apartment looked like it came off an Instagram feed. With both of our initials combined we formed AM-LK Home and ramped up to become an independent studio that in essence would replicate our story. From the unconventional artist sourcing, to handpicking each product, & offering exclusive pricing. 

Today, we’re making the process of buying unique American produced home decor easy. Our home decor collection is updated consistently with our design team hand-picking each item that goes into our collection.

We pride ourselves on featuring a home decor collection that is exclusively made by American artists & designers.